Jarred Glickstein

Engineer, Designer, and Hobbyist

Web Design

  • National Candle Month

    Light a Candle Tonight! A website I designed and host for the National Candle Association.

  • MTek Ltd

    The online home of my business, MTek Ltd.

  • Electi

    Informational website for a Minecraft server. The site provides instruction on joining and using the server.

  • MTek Drive

    Customised content management system (CMS) for file synchronisation services run by MTek Ltd.

  • HyruleCraft

    A wordpress-based website complete with a blog and custom server status section based on python code.

Web design is one of my hobbies as well as a service I provide professionally as a part of my independent consulting work. I also build websites for my business. I do my own hosting on my own webservers and devote time every week to maintinence and management. Keeping my servers up and running on the hardware and software sides can be difficult, but it is one of the most exciting things I do. I have listed my design projects grouped by general subject. The thumbnails presented on this page have been prepared over several years. Many of the websites presented here have been updated since then.

Content Management

MTek Forum

The MTek Forum enables communication and collaboration on projects, product support for customers, and consumer relations.

MTek Drive

MTek Drive is MTek's internal data management system. This system maintains files and other data accross multiple computers and backs up the data to a centralised server. Data can also be accessed through a browser window, on a mobile device, or in a collaborative document editing program.

Jarred's Research Blog

My Research Blog is a new venture I have launched to create a space where I can share my research work with you.

Commercial Work

National Candle Month: Light a Candle Tonight!

Light a Candle Tonight!

MTek: Visionary Computing

I built this website for MTek, the business which I founded. The website is still a work in progress as it is as far one of my most bold projects yet!

NASciOly Screenshot

I was a member of my school's Science Olympiad team since 6th grade. When I went into highschool, I discovered there were not many students continuing Science Olympiad in highschool. To help build the interest of the younger students, I became the coach of several middle school events.

This website was built for students and parents to get information about the program and to give the team a face online. I took the initiative to coax the head coach into considering having a web presence for the team.

Personal Websites

My Homepage Screenshot

My personal homepage is my online presence. This is my space to show you who I am as an individual, professional, and a member of the global academic community. You are already looking at this website if you are reading this text!

Informational Websites

Electri Screenshot

This website is used to provide information about Electri, a Minecraft server I host. In game you can find me by my handle, Meztek.

HyruleCraft Screenshot

I am an avid Minecraft player and server host. My first Minecraft server, HyruleCraft, is still online to this day. On the server homepage you can find the current server status (powered by a script I wrote). This website utilises Wordpress to enable convenient updates by the user.

HyruleCraft Screenshot

A website for PrimalCraft, another Minecraft server.

Early Works

New Albany NHS Screenshot

I was an active member of my high school's chapter of National Honor Society. As a part of my volunteer work, I built a website as an information centre for our chapter. The initial interest was to give prospective members and their parents information about chapter membership, but I built upon this idea by adding news, announcements, information, and alumni information for our chapter. I continue to host and maintain this website today at no charge to my chapter as a token of my thanks for the great deeds of kindness that National Honor Society performs.

Larry Gottesman Screenshot

My cousin Larry called me up one day looking to enhance his resume by having an online presence for himself. He is a skilled electrical engineer with an impressive background and experience. I was happy to help him with his website and built simple, easy to read pages focusing on his skills. Although a screenshot is available here, I am not linking to his website out of respect for his privacy.

Screenshot coming real soon!

In 2008, I began my first startup company, EarthVision Technologies (Formerly EarthVision Technological). I built and maintained our website, support forum, and online store until it was closed down in early 2012 when the company closed its doors. Pictures are coming soon, as the website was lost due to web hosting difficulties.

RP Wiki Screenshot

This is my first website. My pride and joy. In late 2006 I was introduced to 3D Printing, the hobby which slowly took over most of my free time for years to come. I built this webite to serve as an information hub for 3D printing technology.

This website is powered by Wikidot, a cool way to enable community editing of information. If I had to pick one work I am most proud of, this would be it. This website serves as the launching point from which I began to do everything I do now. This is what makes me who I am. This is the website that started it all.

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