Jarred Glickstein

Engineer, Designer, and Hobbyist

Volunteer Work


I have devoted over 250 hours of service to COSI, the Center of Science and Industry. At COSI, I run hallway demonstrations that show guests to the museum how amazing science is. I also work to provide information to guests in some of the temporary exhibits that we have constantly changing throughout the year.

Science Olympiad Coaching

When I entered highschool, I discovered that my highschool science olympiad team was not very strong. Where in middle school we have two teams, a varsity and junior varsity team, the high school had barely half of a team. I devoted my time to coaching and mentoring at the middle school level to keep the middle school team interested in Science Olympiad enough to join the highschool team. I built a website to provide information to students and parents, to keep everyone informed and provide an online face to the team for students to use. After three years, we now have two full teams and have made it to states in my 10th and 11th grade years. In my spare time, I did compete at the highschool level, placing 3rd in my event at the state competition and was a finalist in several local competitions.

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