Jarred Glickstein

Engineer, Designer, and Hobbyist


I am a DIY and craft project enthusiast. While my main hobbies revolve around electronic and mechanical design, I also enjoy a variety of other interests. Here I share some of the things I find interesting.


On a quiet night in I can often be found installing Linux. I love computer networking and vintage computer hardware. I have extensive experience in whole-house computer networking. Ask me about my vintage keyboard collection and I'll tell you about my preferred keyswitches, layouts, and even ideal keycap labeling system. I have a home server room where I keep the core of my network along with most of my servers. The server room is also home to boxes of replacement parts, anything from spare parts for routine maintenance to rare, obscure hardware. I gather from used computer stores to help fix friends' computers. If it's broken, I can fix it. Unless you put it through a washing machine or swam with it in your pocket. I've seen both.


In 5th grade, my parents got me a guitar and sent me for lessons. My guitar teacher from grade school is one of the most influential people I have been fortunate enough to have in my life. Since then I continue to enjoy playing my acoustic guitar as a passtime. It has become a way to pass the time and get myself through some of the toughest experiences in life.

Tech Tuesdays YouTube Podcast

In the beginning of highschool, I created the Tech Tuesdays podcast. This podcast was inspired by all of those moments when I see neat projects in the hacker community and really wish I could try it for myself. Any time I had a neat project to do, I made another episode of my podcast so that I could show the world. My goal was to make other people have the opportunity to repeat what I have done, and try it for themselves. These projects could be anything. My most popular project was a tissue box projector. I managed to turn a tissue box into a miniature projector for an iPod or smartphone. You can check out the podcast on YouTube.

The podcast is hugely successful, and my videos have been viewed nearly 750,000 times on YouTube alone


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