Jarred Glickstein

Engineer, Designer, and Hobbyist


Image: Me defending my master's thesis in December 2017.

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering - Current

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Case Western Reserve University. Most of my recent research is devoted to the completion of this degree.

M.S. in Electrical Engineering - December 2017

For my master's degree I designed a research instrument to automate the process of polarization enhanced NQR spectroscopy. Previously this type of signal enhancement was performed by hand, which limited the efficacy of the technique. In my thesis I demonstrate some of the clever experiments which can be done with computer numerical control.

B.S. in Electrical Engineering - May 2016

The electrical engineering department at Case Western Reserve University permits students to select a depth focus for the undergraduate program in electrical engineering. My selected area of depth was circuits, aligning with my interests in analog instrumentation and circuit design.

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